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Welcome to Magadheera Fitness

Mission: ‘Magadheera Fitness’ is the most inclusive fitness training provider. Our Mission is to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve and to instill the value and importance of health and fitness. Magadheera Fitness will be a Unisex fitness training facility that creates a comfortable environment for people to pursue their fitness goals. Fitness goals of all people are not the same. Keeping that in mind, We have designed our facility to cater to their different needs. Our facility will include following sections.

Strength Training Section: This area will be populated with advanced resistance training machines. The machines required will be planned and purchased to train all the muscles in the body.

Aerobics and Yoga Studio: This area will be aesthetically designed for conducting Mat based workouts, Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba training, Swiss Ball Training, Stepper Based Training and Medicine Ball Workouts.

Cardio section: This area will be populated with state of the art Cardio machines, which play a vital role in our Fat/Weight loss program.

Bar Training section: We will have an outdoor setting for training candidates attending physical tests for Police and Defense roles. The area includes Single and Double pull up Bars, Parallel Bar, Horizontal Ladder, Trapeze Rings, Climbing wall, Rope climbing Station and net climbing.

21st Century is facing a huge fitness challenge in front of it. This generation is affected with obesity problems arising as a result of unhealthy food habits and lack of physical exercise/work. A survey states, around 5% of India's population is affected by obesity. Obesity clinics and hospitals are being opened recently in large numbers.

Tamilnadu ranks 4th in the list of most obese states. Though surgical treatments with side effects are available, doctors suggest that exercise and proper diet are the ultimate solution for obesity. MFC aims at helping the society eradicate the problem of obesity from its root.

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